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An era of a thousand and one colors

explore the abyss of the past.

Pressure on hearts

raises the veils of flayed women


By linking all these stories, the soul is in jousting.

In order to find all the forces that inhabit it.

The mind responds to this inexorable truth.


The words are swirling around in our heads,

line up to feast on sheets of paper.

Like the wind that announces the storm,

the feathers will sweep away the ills of damaged pasts.


This flurry of truth

issued will be replaced

by muses with invincible hearts.


Fate, painted in our minds.

Sketch ignored paths

waiting for colors,

unfinished canvas.


But these scarred colors,

shape our personalities.

Free and indomitable women.


And despite all these adversities,

listen to the beating of our hearts.

Dry the tears of outdated lesion,

compose a last hour symphony.


Let's finally listen to our melody.

To change the rhythm of our life,

In order to find our true being.

The courage of women

Excluding Sales Tax
  • ink on pay 22  x30 

    Intuitive figurative art

    Frame thickness 1/2   inch

    Framing  White  24x36

    printing price on request depending on the size

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